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Nathan O’Regan has a mastery over his voice that his peers surely envy.

Slipping gracefully between gritty impassioned pleas and sweet longing

melodies, Nathan pairs his beautiful singing with delicate, refined

songwriting. A natural raconteur, his songs are full of melancholy and

hopefulness that have captivated audiences all around Ireland.

Like any artist worth their salt, Nathan has faced his own challenges. His

voice and writing were spotted by Universal, who signed him at sixteen,

recognising even at a young age Nathan's ability to write songs that would

stop a listener in their tracks. He was paired with producer, Jimmy

Hogarth and tasked to record an album. Halfway through the project, as is

often the case, contact from the label grew cold and the work never saw

the light of day.

Universal’s mistake proved to be Ireland’s gain. Some artists capitulate

after being dropped by a major label, but Nathan has gone from strength to

strength, his talent impossible to ignore by anyone who has heard his

songs or witnessed him lead his band like it was the last gig on Earth. A

truly special talent.

"Echoes of Springsteen."

J O H N K E A R N S - C O O L F M

"O'Regan's slightly gravelled, and more importantly, genuine sounding passion reaches out from the song

itself and infects the listener with a defiant energy."


"Nathan O'Regan is one of Northern Ireland's musical gems and the sooner

the world hears his wonderful songs the better they will be for it."

A L L A N N A H M O R R O W - C H O R D B L O S S O M

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